Sunday, December 7, 2008

Director Ron Howard Compares Nixon to Bush

By now, we shouldn't be surprised, but when Director Ron Howard a/k/a Opie Taylor a/k/a Richie Cunningham actually said that Nixon’s crimes were “quaint” compared to the Bush-Cheney years, it was still shocking. (Howard Quote). Did we miss something? Has there been some crime committed by our President that we haven’t heard about? Should we call Sheriff Taylor and Barney Fife? One thing is certain: Hollywood bears no resemblance to Mayberry and sweet little Opie has grown up to be a Goober.

At the risk of stating the obvious: Liberals disregard facts. They don’t acknowledge that for the last seven years our country has not seen another terrorist attack. They call President Bush a criminal, when in reality President Bush is a hero. We can only pray that President-Elect Obama will be as effective as President Bush has been in keeping us safe. Happy Days may be here for Democrats, but those days will end pretty darn quickly if our country suffers another attack.

Every time this kind of thing happens, I say it is the last straw. In the words of Richie Cunningham, we need to tell Ron Howard to "Sit on it." Patriotic Americans should never pay to see another propagandist Hollywood film, or rent a DVD, or watch the liberal propaganda spewed on most television series. There should be consequences for this kind of outright lie about our President. I believe Floyd the Barber and Aunt Bee would agree.

Thank goodness for Fox News Sunday Anchor Chris Wallace, who stood alone in a room full of liberals and defended our President. Kind of like The Fonz, he was very cool. He deserves our thanks. Email him at

Dishonest liberals need to be sent a message. This project from Director Ron Howard, the Frost/Nixon film, should not get one dime from Americans who enjoy peace and safety thanks to the diligence of President Bush. So if you haven’t already started, join me in boycotting Hollywood . They don’t deserve our money; and they don’t deserve our time. Instead of going to the movies, take a lesson from Mayberry: just go fishin'.

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