Friday, October 31, 2008

Which Costume will Obama Choose this Halloween?

It’s Halloween, and we should all be very scared. Never has there been such a mysterious candidate for President of the United States as Senator Barack Obama. His first trick was that he managed to convince enough supporters that he was actually qualified to run for President. Then, unbelievably, he defeated Senator Hillary Clinton, a feat in and of itself. The fact that he is even considered a viable candidate in the first place is astonishing, but then to go head to head against the Clintons and win? Truly amazing. This Halloween, perhaps Obama should dress as a Magician.

We learned that Obama spent twenty years attending church with a Pastor who is racist and anti-American. We learned that Obama launched his political career in the home of a domestic terrorist. We know that Louis Farrakhan calls Obama the Messiah. And now we learn of Obama’s friendship with Rashid Khalidi, an anti-Israeli, former spokesman for the PLO. Are voters paying attention to all of this? Obama seems to have collected his views from several different anti-American sources. Then again, maybe a Frankenstein costume would be more appropriate for Senator Obama.

Media coverage for Barack Obama has been reverential; he has been called "The One." He could easily dress as an Angel this Halloween. Meanwhile, coverage of McCain has been harsh, casting him as the Devil. Senator Biden can say anything and get away with it; he could easily play the Joker. Governor Palin, mother of five, Governor of Alaska, should be Wonderwoman; the press disagrees. The double standard has become so obvious that it is now comical.
Senator Obama contributed absolutely nothing to the economic crisis discussion, yet he was given a pass. Democrats who support him are responsible for causing the downfall of Freddie and Fannie. Chris Dodd and Barney Frank should dress as Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Obama could always be the Invisible Man, especially in light of his constant tardiness (Obama Tardiness) and his propensity to vote “present.”

Senator Obama admits that he favors spreading the wealth around. He is quoted in an interview as saying that the United States Supreme Court has failed to provide “economic justice.” His clear intent is to take our country down the road of socialism. Maybe Obama can find a Karl Marx costume.

On national security, another Senator Obama interview has him promising to eliminate all nuclear weapons, dramatically decrease spending on national defense, and vowing never to weaponize space. His naiveté on foreign policy is breathtaking. President Sarkozy of France called him “immature and shallow” following their discussion on Iran. Obama could always dress as President Jimmy Carter.

Senator Obama broke his promise on public campaign financing. His background is full of questionable associations. There is not one single reason that Americans should trust Senator Obama on any issue. Yet if you believe the polls, he still has the lead in crucial battleground states. While I believe the polls are wrong, time is running out, and this election is getting downright spooky. Trick or treat? Obama must go down in defeat. According to Karl Rove, the exit polls have been wrong in the last two presidential elections, so don't believe everything that you hear from the media on Tuesday. Also, weekend poll numbers never favor the Republican, because typically Republicans are busy with family and sports events on Saturday and Sunday, so this weekend's polls may possibly show a larger lead for Obama than would a weekday poll.
Surely enough Americans are paying attention to the red flags surrounding Barack Obama that he will be defeated. Never before in the history of our country would such a candidate have been electable. It doesn’t matter which costume Senator Obama wears; Americans still don’t know enough about him, and what we do know is downright alarming. Now is not the time for the kind of change that a President Barack Obama would bring. May it never be.

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