Friday, October 24, 2008

Pollsters Pulling for Obama?

With ten days to go before the election, please spread the word: Don’t believe the polls.

Rush Limbaugh, during an appearance this morning on Fox and Friends, made an excellent point. He emphasized that most pollsters, made up of members of the “drive-by media,” are Obama supporters. Just today the New York Times endorsed Senator Obama, and their poll showed Senator McCain down by 13 points. According to Rush, however, the pollsters have to adjust their numbers immediately prior to the election to make themselves at least appear to be credible. Imagine if polls show Obama leading by 13 points the day before the election, and then McCain wins? The pollsters’ bias, or at the very least their incompetence, will be exposed for all to see. So pollsters must show a closer race immediately before voters go to the polls, or they will be found out. Stay tuned for a further tightening of the polls.

There are already several polls now showing that the election is within the margin of error. Current poll numbers fluctuate between a 13 point lead all the way down to a one point lead. And, as Karl Rove also pointed out, 60% of voters refuse to answer polls. Have you been polled? Where are they conducting these polls?

What is also worrisome is that Republicans as a whole tend to refuse to answer exit polls, and Obama supporters tended to answer them in large numbers during the primary, so on Election Day we may hear that Obama is well ahead, when in fact it is simply a matter of who chooses to participate. Tell your Republican friends to participate in the exit polls, especially those on the east coast, because we know that the media will attempt to spin the results and say it is over and Obama has won, when in fact the exit polls may be completely wrong.

The bottom line is: Senator John McCain can win this election! We know that John McCain never gives up. He and Governor Palin are working tirelessly. The poll numbers are obviously much closer than the media would have us believe. And Republicans should not be discouraged; rather, we should be energized to help McCain cross the finish line to victory. Do not let the biased pollsters and the obviously corrupt media and the illegal ACORN voter registration steal this election! Keep the faith, and keep working.

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