Friday, October 3, 2008

Did She Win? You Betcha!

Here’s a riddle: What do you get when you take a plain talker, add a heapin’ tablespoon of charm, throw in some common sense, add a smile, and mix it all together with intelligence? Here’s a hint: She’s a Governor. And she won the debate.

Poor Joe didn’t stand a chance. Sarah looked fresh; Joe looked tired. Sarah smiled; Joe smirked. Sarah looked forward; Joe looked backward. Sarah was fun; Joe was boring. Sarah spoke like one of us; Joe spoke like a Washington, D.C., insider. All in all, it was a Sarah slam dunk.

Senator McCain is known as the straight talker. Governor Palin showed tonight that she’s a plain talker. For the next 30 plus days, they both need to become tough talkers. Sarah Palin has teed it up; it is now up to John McCain to hit it out of the park. No more Mr. Nice Guy. The Democrats have given us plenty of ammunition, so use it. Otherwise, we'll lose it.

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