Thursday, October 2, 2008

Core Principles Define Palin Policies

Facts are facts. Any American can Google the facts on any subject. What Governor Sarah Palin must do to win tonight's debate is to focus on her core principles. Because while facts are easy to find, principled leaders are not.

As Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin makes her decisions based on her principles. As the Governor with the highest approval rating in the country, evidently the voters approve. And that's what matters.

While the main stream media continue to demean Governor Palin based on her recent interview performances, the inquisition-style questioning by Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson focused on facts which are easily accessible to anyone. What is not easy to find is a leader who stands on principle. And a principled leader is what Americans want.

All great leaders govern based on principle. Let's face it, no leader is an expert on every policy issue. When Governor Bill Clinton ran for President, he was a neophyte on foreign policy, according to Dick Morris. Of course, since he was a Democrat, the media gave him a pass. But remember President Reagan? His guiding principles defined his administration.

One of the marks of an outstanding leader is to surround oneself with advisors who know the issues inside and out. Whether it is on foreign policy, energy policy or economic policy, the decisions of a leader are filtered through that leader's prism of core principles. The nuances of those policies are fleshed out by the experts in that subject, and the leader's role is to reconcile policy with principle. Voters, therefore, should be more concerned with the candidate's core principles than with the candidate's ability to recite facts.

If you agree with the no-nonsense, fiscally responsible, common-sense conservative principles of Governor Palin, then you can rest assured that you will agree with her policy initiatives because they will embody those principles. While those pundits on the left value a candidate with an encyclopedic knowledge of facts who makes decisions based on politics, conservatives prefer their candidates to question every proposal, learn the facts, and makes decisions based on principle.

Voters must answer the question: Who will govern based on principle and who will govern based on politics? The contrast between the candidates is stark. For that reason, I am confident that Americans will choose McCain/Palin. And I am proud to support them both.

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