Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ACORN, Ayers, Rezco, Wright, Phleger, Giannoulias...

This is not about Racism, My Friends; This is about Character

If a majority of Americans truly believe that Senator Barack Obama is fit to be President of the United States , then we should all be in fervent prayer for the future of our country. While we’re at it, let’s also pray that the poll numbers are wrong. While the media would have you believe that this election is over, don’t believe the hype. Remember, President Harry Truman was down by five points on election eve.
This has been a long, hard campaign. Many people have not been focused on the election. The economic crisis has taken precedence. When they do focus, they are disgusted by politicians in general. You can't blame them. But with three weeks to go, voters need to wake up and realize this: Barack Obama could be our next President. Can Americans really trust Senator Barack Obama? Is it out of bounds to question his past associations? Should voters be alarmed? Predictably, some Obama supporters are trying to deflect attention regarding their candidate's questionable alliances by playing the race card. And criticism of Barack Obama by the McCain/Palin team does not equal racism, despite recent inflammatory comments from Georgia Democrat John Lewis (John Lewis' Race Grenade).
Granted, Senator Obama is no ordinary candidate. He is a fresh face. He is young. He seems cool. He can mesmerize a crowd with his speeches. The question is this: Are the majority of our voters so shallow that appearance outweighs character? Will they choose personality over policy? We won't know the answer to that question until November 4. Until then, let's hope the American people will listen to the facts. And the facts about Barack Obama are these:
This is a candidate who has surrounded himself with criminals, terrorists, radicals, racists, and corruption. This is a candidate with no experience who would be taking office during a chaotic and precarious time. This is a candidate who contradicts himself often and who voted “present” 129 times. This is a candidate who tolerated his Pastor of 20 years preaching racism and anti-American hate. This is a candidate who represented ACORN (a/k/a ObamaCORN), a fraudulent organization now being investigated for voter fraud in every battleground state. Did we mention that this is a candidate who launched his political career in the home of a terrorist? And yet, this is a candidate who seems to be winning. How is this possible?
Surely Americans cannot be so gullible as to believe that these nefarious characters do not influence Senator Obama. He owes his political success to these supporters and to this intricate network of “community organizations” (evidently a euphemism for organized corruption and shakedown organizations). Barack Obama’s world view has been shaped by his associations. We are known by the company we keep. And Barack Obama has risen through the ranks with the help of some pretty shady characters. He owes them.
So the question remains, is it true that roughly fifty percent of American voters support Senator Barack Obama for President? The polls seem to indicate that, but how many of you out there have actually responded to a poll? We did find out with Bill Clinton that character no longer matters to some voters. But now, if you believe the polls, not only does character not seem to matter, but evidently neither does association with criminal activity, organized voter fraud, and anti-American hate speech. Of course this applies only if the candidate happens to be a Democrat who has the media on his side.
Imagine a Republican presidential candidate attending a church where the pastor shouted “God damn America ” from the pulpit? Imagine a Republican giving $800,000 to a network of organizations responsible for registering Mickey Mouse to vote? Imagine a Republican holding a campaign event in the home of a criminal responsible for killing seven people in terrorist bombings of the United States Capitol and Pentagon? It is impossible to imagine, because it would never happen. For one thing, Republicans would never elect a candidate who exhibited such bad judgment. But more importantly, in keeping with the prevailing double standard, mainstream media liberal elitists would have a field day with any Republican who had even one of these incidents. Somehow, Senator Obama passes everything off as a “misrepresentation.” And it looks like approximately half of the country is buying this explanation, or perhaps they just don’t care. Either way, we have just three weeks until the election. Don't believe the polls. Continue to work. The prospect of a President Obama seems more and more frightening by the day. With the ACORN investigations ongoing, the validity of the election could be called into question. Despite what some Obama supporters claim, this is not a matter of race. As Senator McCain needs to emphasize, this, my friends, is a matter of character.

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