Friday, September 26, 2008

Journalists Play "Gotcha" with Palin

Charlie Gibson really showed Governor Sarah Palin, didn’t he? As he scowled at her from behind his professorial glasses, he demanded to know her opinion of the “Bush Doctrine.” Her reply, “In what respect, Charlie?” was entirely appropriate, seeing as how there are at least four “Bush Doctrines.” In fact, policy experts agree that the term has never been defined in writing. Evidently Gibson has made up his own definition and expects Sarah Palin to read his mind. Gotcha, Governor Palin!
Now Katie Couric has joined the feeding frenzy as she grilled Governor Palin over the voting record of Senator John McCain. Besides backing the reform of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, asked Couric, what else has John McCain sought to reform? Given the current government bailout of Fannie and Freddie, Palin understandably replied that Senator McCain tried to reform the failed government-backed enterprises two years ago while the Democrats blocked the legislation and benefited from VIP mortgage deals. Of course, Katie Couric did not want to be reminded of that very important point. Couric, not to be stopped, again pressed Governor Palin for a laundry list of reforms proposed by John McCain. Sarah Palin told Couric that she would be glad to look them up and supply them at a later date. Gotcha again, Governor Palin!
Considering the growing number of misstatements, gaffes, and apparent lack of knowledge shown by both Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden, it is outrageous that the media continues to try to paint Governor Sarah Palin as somehow unqualified for the position of Vice President. No vice presidential candidate has ever been required to memorize the legislative record of their running mate in past elections. Why the double standard? Is it because she is a woman? Or only because she’s a Republican? Senate votes are a matter of public record, and if the journalist has a question regarding a candidate’s past accomplishments, that information is readily available. Is that all that Katie Couric could come up with? Really?
The fact is that both Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin have an outstanding record of reform and independent thinking when it comes to what is best for our country. Neither of them play politics with issues. Both of them take stands based on principle. The “gotcha” journalists can spin McCain and Palin all they want, but their records do speak for themselves. That is why Republicans will win this election. Gotcha, Democrats!


Don in Dallas said...

Good article, Denise!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing for them to get with Sarah Palin. That is what is driving them crazy!

gopmclennan said...

What really eats up the liberal meda is that she is not awed by them or their perceived power!! Thank goodness, the public's wising up!!

gopmom said...

She seemed like she was losing some of her confidence in the interview with Couric. I hope that she will show them all in the debate.