Friday, September 5, 2008

Authenticity Trumps Audacity

Senator John McCain’s brilliant choice of Governor Sarah Palin continues to reverberate throughout the political world. It’s almost comical to watch the liberal media trying to deal with the phenomenon of Governor Palin. The liberals’ anointed candidate, Barack Obama, appears confused. Senator Joe Biden, who was beaming during the Democrats’ convention, looks depressed. And Senator John McCain, realizing that he has scored a home run, is positively ecstatic.
Governor Palin’s candidacy confirms the truth that conservatives have always maintained: When we try to become more moderate to appeal to swing voters, we lose; when we embrace our values and principles, we win. This is the lesson that President Ronald Reagan taught us, and it is happening again before our eyes. Sarah Palin is not a politician; neither was Reagan. Governor Palin is not concerned about poll numbers; neither was Reagan. Palin is a common-sense conservative; so was Reagan. Americans are once again engaged because we have a real American on the ticket, not a politician. And to Senator McCain’s credit, he is not a typical politician either, and he has found the perfect running mate.
In learning more about Governor Sarah Palin and her family, most Americans can relate to her values, her experiences, her problems, and her willingness to take on politics as usual. She is not afraid, and she is willing to fight. What a breath of fresh air for Republicans! She is the candidate that we have been waiting for as conservatives, and she is just the sort of candidate that Americans have been craving. Everyone is amazed, and the comparisons to Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher abound. Even Reagan’s son, Michael, sees the similarities. This election just took on another dimension, and no one saw it coming. Thank you again, Senator McCain. You have restored our enthusiasm, and we can now see the future of the Republican Party in a hockey mom, turned PTA mom, turned small-town Mayor, turned reforming Governor, and now possible Vice President of the United States. My prediction is that Americans will definitely choose an authentic candidate over an audacious one. That bodes very well for the McCain/Palin ticket.


Jean said...

Couldn't have said it better!

Sharon said...

Go, Sarah, Go!