Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin Practically Perfect in Every Way

The choice by Senator John McCain of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate is the best thing that’s happened to the Republican Party in a very long time. While Pawlenty and Romney would have been predictably safe, Republicans have been craving something to get truly excited about, and McCain has given us just the spark that we were lacking. To choose a woman, the first ever to run on the GOP ticket, brings a whole new dynamic to this election. Governor Palin complements John McCain in every way. Her pro-life conservative record helps McCain where he is weak, by energizing the base voters. Her record in Alaska as tough on corruption strengthens McCain where he is already strong, reinforcing his maverick, reformer image.
Governor Palin is known for her blunt, no-nonsense style, very much like McCain’s straight talk express image. As a Governor, she is the only candidate with any executive experience. She is from Alaska , knowledgeable on the energy issue and helping to lead the push for energy independence. She is known for taking on special interests. She leads Alaska ’s National Guard and has a son serving in the military. She is a former point guard and led her high school basketball team to the state championship despite having a stress fracture in her ankle. Because of her competitiveness in basketball, she became known as “Sarah Barracuda.” Yet, as a contestant in a beauty pageant, she won the title “Miss Congeniality.” This combination earned her the nickname, “Fire and Nice.” She’s a hockey mom. And she is only 44 years old.
Governor Sarah Palin has so many pluses that I can understand why McCain chose her, but no one expected it. This choice proves that Senator John McCain understands the issues that are important to Americans. This choice unites the Republicans like no other choice could have. And the Democrats must be having second thoughts about their candidates, because unlike Obama /Biden, McCain/Palin offer real change, real reform, and true leadership. Hillary supporters must be furious with Obama right about now. This Republican National Convention is going to be a lot of fun. Thank you, Senator McCain!


Anonymous said...

Great pick, Senator McCain!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is a great pick for VP!

Don said...

Never thought McCain would come through for conservatives like this...great news for Republicans. We might actually win this thing.