Saturday, August 23, 2008

Of Plagiarism and Plugs

And the winner is…Joe Biden? Really? Wow.
The top-secret, insiders-only text message had to be sent out at 3:00 a.m. Eastern Time when news leaked that Biden had gotten the nod. What is the deal with these 3:00 a.m. calls/texts? Seems to be a recurring theme during this campaign.
When you think of Senator Joe Biden, two words immediately spring to mind: plagiarism and plugs. Not exactly the kind of image you want for your vice presidential candidate, is it? It looks as if Senator Obama has given Republicans a gift. Good job, Barack.
All day Friday speculation mounted about the VP selection, and I personally thought that Obama might go ahead and choose Hillary. After all, he wants to win, doesn’t he? And while Hillary is always good for galvanizing Republicans to vote against her, she would have also united the Dems against us. And the mention of Texas Congressman Chet Edwards seemed another real possibility, because of the location of President Bush’s ranch and Ft. Hood in his district and the recommendation of Nancy Pelosi. But Biden? Despite the buzz and the media staking out his Delaware home, he seemed like a boring choice. Still does.
Senator Biden is not much younger than Senator McCain; that takes away the age issue. Senator Biden is a Washington insider; that takes away the “change” issue. Senator Biden’s presidential bid didn’t make it past the Iowa primary; he doesn’t exactly galvanize his base. Senator Obama has made his first major decision, and it is not an impressive one. As long as Senator McCain makes a wise choice for his VP, we are in a position to win this thing. The next two weeks of conventions will tell us a lot. Stay tuned!

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This is great news! Biden! hahaha