Thursday, August 21, 2008

Obama Doesn’t Wanna Take a Stand

Presidents have to make tough choices every day. Statesmen have no problem making hard decisions. But politicians? They hate making decisions. Decisions have consequences. And the consequence could cause them to lose at the ballot box in the next election. And never has there been a more blatant, reluctant-to-make-a-decision politician than Barack Hussein Obama.
When he was an Illinois state senator, just four short years ago, he famously voted “present” rather than take a stand, not just on a few occasions, but nearly 130 times. Now, that should tell Americans something. Namely, that he doesn’t have strong principles. He is more concerned about re-election than he is about doing what’s best for his country. And he is the last man we should want occupying the White House.
Not only does Obama hate to take a stand on an issue, but he refuses to admit when he takes the wrong stand. Take the surge, for instance. While Senator John McCain bravely advocated that the U.S. Military send more troops to Iraq at a time when the war was extremely unpopular, jeopardizing his presidential bid, Obama was speaking out against the surge. Obama wanted to lose the war. Why? Because that’s what his liberal constituents wanted. They still want us to lose the war. The American left would like nothing more than to be proved right by having our country lose the war in Iraq. Then they could say, “I told you so.” But the surge has worked. McCain was right. McCain took a hard stand and didn’t weigh the political consequences. Now, that’s the guy we want living in the White House.
Obama has waffled on many issues: earmarks, decriminalizing marijuana, illegal immigration, the Cuban embargo, public financing, etc. The list grows longer by the day, as he attempts to pander to every conceivable constituency. Even liberal journalists are starting to take notice.
Barack Obama is not just wishy-washy. He is not just liberal. He is spineless. Case in point: Hillary Clinton will actually be nominated at Obama's nominating convention. This guy is weak. At a time when Russia is invading Georgia and Iran continues its nuclear program, there is no question that foreign policy must take precedence as the most important challenge of our next President. Do you want Senator Obama to be the Commander in Chief? Do you trust him to keep our country safe? One wonders if he worries more about the opinions of foreigners than he does about the safety of our own citizens. He loves to blame America for our problems. We can only hope that once Americans really start to pay attention to this November’s election, that they will have the wisdom to see Barack Obama for what he really is: a run-of-the-mill politician who stands for nothing new other than his own self-interest.

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Jim said...

As usual, you are right on.