Thursday, August 21, 2008

GOP Delegates Prepare for Convention

Choice for VP Key to Victory

As my husband Tim and I and our daughter Taylor, who will serve as a Page, prepare to travel to Minnesota for the National Convention, the question on everyone’s mind is, “Who will be the vice presidential nominee?” With Senator John McCain now gaining in national polls, and a solid performance by McCain in the Saddleback Forum with Pastor Rick Warren, conservatives seem to be breathing easier as they pack their bags for the convention in St. Paul. There have been signals from the McCain campaign that he “got the message” regarding the possible reaction from national delegates if he were to choose a pro-choice VP. The fact that he floated the trial balloon at all is obviously not reassuring to conservatives. But that trial balloon was shot down immediately, and all indications are that Senator McCain will heed the advice of his base.
Rumors have been swirling about phone calls to Republicans around the country in which they were asked how they would react to a pro-choice candidate. It seems that McCain’s favorite pick for the vice presidency would have been Tom Ridge; the two have a strong friendship and good working relationship. McCain seems to have also been considering Joe Lieberman and Rudy Giuliani, both of whom would be disastrous choices. While Senator McCain has a solid pro-life voting record, he is not averse to working with folks on both sides of every issue. He is, after all, a maverick. But when it comes to the issue of life, the vast majority of social conservatives will not compromise, and a pro-choice vice presidential candidate would cause them to revolt. The national convention would descend into chaos. Texans would likely lead the charge. It would make for great television, but it would spell disaster for Republicans.
Senator McCain and his advisors realize that his VP choice will be the Republican candidate in four to eight years, and he owes it to the GOP to choose wisely. With many promising contenders available (Gov. Tim Pawlenty?), there is no possible reason for McCain to thumb his nose at the pro-life constituency. And I don’t think he will. He has waited too long for this opportunity.
The really good news is that Senator Barack Obama continues to be exposed for what he is: a nicely-tailored but completely empty suit. His revealing answers during the Saddleback debate, his wishy-washy response to the Russian invasion of Georgia, and his strange capitulation to the Clintons regarding their appearance at his own convention underscore his weakness, ineptness, and naiveté. American needs a strong, tested, experienced leader. Senator John McCain is that man. Stay tuned for updates from the convention at


Anonymous said...

If McCain chooses a pro-choice vice presidential nominee, then he deserves to lose.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see him pick Tom would be entertaining.