Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Texas GOP Convention This Week!

1) Do we need a group to choose our national delegates for us?
2) Info on the lawsuit and TRO filed against the Republican Party of Texas and Chairman Benskiser.
3) Lions and Tigers and Ron Paul, oh no!

1. Many of you have received emails from the newly-formed “ Texas Pro-Life Pro-Family Coalition.” Most of these people are good folks have been included on the at-large list of national delegates for past national conventions. They are undoubtedly running to be on that list again, and they are promoting their choices for national delegates and national nominations committee by publishing their own slate at the convention. Their stated goal is to keep you informed. They say, “We will try to monitor and identify the candidates in each CD who are both pro-life and pro-family and will plan on placing a list of those individuals on your chair.” Take it upon yourself to ask the candidates their views on the issues. It is not necessary for a self-appointed group to do this for us. Do not let this “coalition” dictate our slate of national delegates. Being a national delegate is a huge honor. While there may be some worthy candidates on their list, no one group should decide that list before we even get to the convention. If you are interested in running to be a national delegate, the election will be early on Saturday morning. You may want to bring a resume to hand out to the delegates in your congressional caucus, and you will need someone to nominate you.
A very important election will be the one for the national nominations committee. This committee, comprised of one member from each of the 32 congressional districts, will choose the at-large list of national delegates. Please ask the candidates running for that position if they will pledge to send new delegates to the national convention. Texas Republicans have a lot of talent out there. It is unfair to send the same people as delegates to every national convention. Let’s give some other hard-working Republicans a chance.
2. A lawsuit has been filed and a temporary restraining order has been obtained against the Republican Party of Texas and Chairman Tina Benkiser. (You can read about it at www.fairconvention.org.) The lawsuit alleges that for the last few conventions the RPT has failed to comply with the Texas Election Code in electing a permanent chair prior to any official business being conducted. After reviewing the Texas Election Code, Sec. 174.094, I believe that the plaintiffs have a valid point. There will be a hearing on Monday.
3. As for the delegates to our convention who support Ron Paul, there is no need to fear. Their candidate has lost, for goodness’ sake. Our party’s nominee is Senator John McCain! Many in the party seem to be in a panic about how to exclude Ron Paul supporters from the process. The Ron Paul voters are good conservative Texans. I obviously do not agree with them on some key issues, but that does not make them unwelcome at our convention. Any attempt to unfairly exclude them only hurts our party.
The Republican Party of Texas convention should be a welcome place for grassroots activists. We need to revive that spirit of fairness and cooperation. I know some delegates may want to go to the convention and hear some good speeches and get home early. However, when there are serious issues within the party, they need to be addressed. The biennial convention is the time for all of us to come together and discuss and debate. We have a lot of talented people in the Republican Party of Texas. We are the party of ideas. Let’s give everyone a fair chance, and then let’s take a vote. That’s how it is supposed to work. I look forward to seeing you in Houston !

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Captain Change said...

The party establishment circulated flyers at the state convention listing their perceived sins of Ron Paul supporters. They claimed they are all libertarians which is not true. They claimed that Ron Paul supporters have never done anything for other Republican candidates, also not true. I've been voting straight Republican and volunteering for Republican candidates for years. Most recently, I helped a TX House incumbent win by the largest landslide in history against a reverse-RINO, that is, a Democrat running as a Republican. We spanked his wrist and said "Don't try that again." So what thanks do I get? A snubbing by the party establishment, placed at the bottom of the alternate state delegate list. My initial response was "I'm glad they have all the people they need." (volunteers) Cause this one is done. They had the chance to get thousands of YOUNG grassroots activists, FREE VOLUNTEERS for their candidates for years to come, and instead have blown it. It's a two way street folks. You want help? You want donations? You want time? Oh I get it, you only want it from what you think are the right people, otherwise you idiots would just as soon lose to a Democrat. Fine, you got your wish. And those who think that Obama can't win in the fall are in a state of denial. (i.e. radio talk show hosts).