Friday, February 1, 2008

Fairness Doctrine is Just Not Fair

Breaking News: Liberals Strongly Oppose Free Speech

How could any red-blooded American oppose something called the Fairness Doctrine? Like the misleading nature of the word "pro-choice," the words "Fairness Doctrine" sound so, well, fair.
But there is an ongoing movement to regulate the content and programming of talk radio by requiring the same amount of time for both sides of a political debate. How that will be accomplished is, I assume, going to be handled by the same bureaucrats who plan to run 20 million background checks on the illegal aliens roaming our country.
Seriously, this ludicrous idea is being pushed by such luminaries as Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. Because Air America has already gone bankrupt once, they just don’t think it is "fair" that Rush Limbaugh is doing so well. They are rather annoyed that the crazy immigration legislation did not pass. So they blame "talk radio" for the fact that their side of the story was not adequately represented.
Well, gee, I thought the government was already paying forNational Public Radio. Those folks are certainly not conservatives or Republicans, for the most part. What more do the liberals expect? Juan Williams drives me crazy every time I hear him speak. But our tax dollars (and Fair and Balanced Fox News) keep him employed.
What is so frustrating is that the liberal Democrats use the three major network television stations as their own left-leaning propaganda outlets. The same can be said for most major metropolitan newspapers. The views of Katie Couric do not represent mainstream Americans’ views, but you don’t hear conservatives whining and crying about fairness. We just turn the channel.
Aside from the fact that we have the First Amendment protecting our free speech, the very idea of monitoring the content of radio speech and weighing the amount of conservative versus liberal material is nonsense. It can’t be done. It is anti-American. And there is nothing "fair" about it.

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