Monday, July 2, 2007

New Affliction Strikes Republicans

As the primary season continues full speed ahead, despite summer vacations and the lowest congressional approval rating in a decade, some Americans seem to be actually paying attention. And those voters who know the names of the contenders are consistently choosing Senator Fred Thompson among their top three Republican favorites. Senator Thompson’s unofficial candidacy has sparked a dangerous new disease that is sweeping the nation’s Republicans: Premature Endorsement Syndrome.
Many of my Republican friends are now suffering from P.E.D. How do you recognize this condition? What are the symptoms? Are you experiencing Romney Regret? How about McCain Malaise? Or even worse, Rudy Reflux? Then you may be one of the many poor souls afflicted with P.E.D. Additional minor symptoms may include Huckabee Hiccups and Hunter Hyperactivity, both of which are treatable.
The good news about P.E.D. is that there is a sure-fire cure for this condition. Simply go to and search for “Fred Thompson.” When you watch Senator Thompson’s video clips, including his video response to the debate challenge from Michael Moore, you will be instantly cured. I would also recommend reading his commentaries on Then go to, and sign up. You will feel better immediately. You may even get the uncontrollable urge to light up a cigar.
Warning: This prescription may not work on those who have been stricken with the virulent Ron Paul strain of P.E.D. If you have endorsed Congressman Ron Paul for President, only time will help.


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Steve Heath said...

Hi Denise. I have the virulent Ron Paul strain of P.E.D you referred to. I've had it for some time, but the advanced stages set in shortly after Bush was reelected. I could give you a lot of reasons why Fred Thompson is about the fifth best candidate of the group that is currently running, but I am sure you have heard them all, and obviously disagree with them. The most persuasive reason I have heard is that he probably is best equipped to be neatly packaged and marketed in a way that makes him most electable against Hillary Clinton, but that argument does carry much weight with me anymore.

Certainly he will have my vote against Hillary. (If it were Guliani against Hillary, I'd probably vote for the third party Constitutional candidate.)

I believe History will prove Dr. Paul right on most of the important areas of disagreement that he has with the current candidates -whether it be the war, the Patriot Act, getting rid of the Fed, or even the Libby pardon. Nevertheless, win or lose, the republican party needs to have an honest and open debate on such issues, and Ron Paul will bring a lot of new people into the Party who will insist upon debating these issues and who will seek to hold our Republican office holders accountable for many of their very questionable policies and choices. Look forward to seeing you in Fort Worth at the Straw Poll.

David H. from Fort Worth, Texas said...

I have been a Republican all of my life, but I do not feel that I can support Fred Thompson. Fred sounds good. He even looks good – very presidential. I think I have seen him play the role of the President in some movie. But that is the point – he is an actor, brought in to play a role.

The big campaign contributors have backed three liberals running for the Republican nomination for the Presidency… and we conservatives are not buying it. So now they are bring in an actor to play the role of a conservative. Instead of watching Mr. Thompson with my eyes spinning, I choose to look at his past. I would rather judge someone based on their actions, rather then on what they tell me during a campaign.

Fred Thomson had a fairly “lack luster” tenure in the Senate. It was good, but nothing memorable. Nothing that stands out and says, “Elect this man President!”

What really concerns me is what he did in Washington during the 14 years before becoming a Senator. He was a paid foreign lobbyist. His job was to hand out money to politicians, so they would vote for his client’s interests at the expense of the American peoples’ interests. Now compare that to the 18-year Washington, D.C. record of Dr. Ron Paul. The Texas congressman has stood for principled integrity and strict constitutionalism. He has been named the Taxpayer’s best friend, by the National Taxpayers Union. Lobbyists know that he cannot be bribed and have given up on him. When you honestly compare the record, there is only one choice and Fred Thompson does not even rate.