Thursday, June 7, 2007

Good News and Bad News

Have you been watching the recent debates? If Americans are paying attention, our Republican candidates are blowing the Democrats out of the water. Our candidates offer something for everyone. They are prepared, thoughtful, well-spoken, and all in all, I am proud of the whole group. The Democratic candidates, in contrast, are running on the same old issues of peace through surrender, prosperity through taxation, and socialized medicine. It doesn’t seem to matter to them that all of these policies have been tested and have failed miserably. And even better, Hillary is the conservative one of the group. The Democrats should be getting scared, very scared. This is very good news.

The bad news is that some of our leaders in D.C. are not listening to us on immigration. If that behemoth of a bill passes, many of our voters will be so incensed that I fear we will lose them for another election cycle. And I can’t blame them. It just doesn’t make sense for any conservative with common sense to support it. How do they expect a government that has can’t enforce our borders to all of a sudden be able to process 20 million background checks and keep track of those workers? Have you seen the new television ad, “Where’s the Fence?” By the way, where is the fence?

Please call your Senators and ask them to vote “no” on cloture today. If they don’t get the message now, they won’t be able to ignore the message that the voters will send in the ’08 elections.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness the immigration bill died. Let's hope it stays dead.

Anonymous said...

I agree; the candidates for the GOP put the dems to shame.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing conservative about Hillary period.