Thursday, April 19, 2007

Is the Shining City on the Hill Suffering Rolling Blackouts?

Visit any Republican club meeting in the country today, and you can bet that the name “Ronald Reagan” will be invoked. Lincoln Day dinners are changing to Reagan Day Dinners. Republicans long for the clear-eyed, common-sense vision of Ronald Reagan in a barren landscape of politics sadly lacking in leadership. Our President has been a courageous leader in the global war on terror. Still, the vision of America described by President Ronald Reagan was exceptionally inspirational. His optimism and leadership lifted our country from the doldrums of discouragement to the confidence and strength that defeated communism. America must return to that vision.
Reagan never doubted that the majority of Americans would agree with him on fundamental values. He was never filled with self doubt regarding his convictions. He certainly did not apologize for being a conservative. His confidence gave Americans hope. His wise leadership toppled the Soviet Union.
Today we are suffering a shortage of courageous conservatives. As Republicans look around for a fearless leader, we find instead that many of our elected officials are fearful politicians. They are afraid of losing the next election. They buy into the liberal media bias and political correctness. They have lost confidence in the common sense of Americans. But Americans have not lost confidence in themselves. If you talk to any citizen in our country and ask them which country is the greatest on earth, they will answer the United States of America. And they are right. We are the best force for good in the world, and we must have the courage that was shown by President Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s and again by President George W. Bush after the attacks of 9/11.
The global war on terror is a different kind of war, but it must be fought. Americans realize what is at stake. And while we miss President Ronald Reagan, we also know that God has blessed us beyond measure, and that to whom much is given, much is expected. We will surely find new leaders who inspire us, like President Reagan, and we will continue to be a Shining City on the Hill to the rest of the world.


texasmom said...

Where is our next Reagan? Could it be Fred Thompson?

Texas Fredhead said..., Fred, run!