Saturday, March 31, 2007

Why the Nominee is Key

By Denise McNamara, RNC

The last two presidential elections have shown just how closely divided the electorate is between Republican and Democrat. Hanging chads in Florida in 2000 and delayed concession speeches by Senators Kerry and Edwards in 2004 serve as indisputable proof that every vote does indeed count. Control of the United States Senate is just as precarious, with Democrats winning in ’06 by just one seat. We are a nation divided.

The nominee for the Republican Party in 2008 must be a candidate who can unite the GOP as never before. If we nominate a candidate who is distasteful to even one percent of the electorate, we will lose the White House.
More importantly, with the base of the GOP somewhat disillusioned, as evidenced by the losses in the November ’06 elections, we need a candidate who can inspire our voters. It is not enough to try to scare Republicans into simply working against the Democrat. While the prospect of a Hillary or Barack presidency is definitely something to fear, Republicans must be motivated by enthusiasm. Our candidate has to be a strong leader with no down side.

In choosing a candidate, we must not only look at his views on the issues, we must also assess his appeal in the general election. What good is nominating a Republican candidate who is doomed to failure? As the Bob Dole for President phone bank chairman in Dallas in 1996, I could not understand how in the world anyone would vote for Bill Clinton over Bob Dole. But it happened. And it should have taught us a valuable lesson. The best man doesn’t always win.

In choosing whom to support this time around, I implore every Republican voter to look at the big picture. Our country is facing one of the most perilous times in our short history. A Democrat president would no doubt underestimate the danger that we face in the war on terror. A Democrat president would attempt to raise taxes and reverse the course on our booming economy. It is imperative that our Republican nominee for President be the best possible candidate that we can find. And he must also be electable. So please take your time and choose carefully. The future of our country depends upon it.


Anonymous said...

Is there anyone out there that we can trust to be our nominee?

Anonymous said...

We can trust FRED.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Fredhead! Run, Fred, Run.