Saturday, March 31, 2007

How Democrats Lead: Does Anyone See a Pattern?

Now that the Democrats are in control of Congress, they have reverted to their old leadership style: Creating fake crises, issuing subpoenas, investigating Republicans, pretending to support our troops, and generally sabotaging American efforts in the war on terror. And as an afterthought, they would also like to raise our taxes. The economy is growing way too fast: Time to slam on the brakes.
The latest create-a-crisis is, of course, the firing of eight U.S. Attorneys by Alberto Gonzales. The way the Democrats are overreacting, you would think that the Attorney General had fired every single U.S. Attorney in the Justice Department. Oh, wait, that only happened under the Clinton administration, and only so that no Whitewater prosecution would take place. This is completely different. It’s time to hold some hearings! There just aren’t enough problems in our country. It’s imperative that the Senate investigate why a few political appointees were fired. The future of our government hangs in the balance.
In other news, Oscar-winning Vice President Al Gore made a rock-star appearance in Congress to testify regarding the biggest create-a-crisis blockbuster in history: Global Warming! Yes, the planet has a fever and evidently we are all going to die very soon. And the United States is the absolute worst offender of all the countries on earth. We must stop our CO2 emissions. I think that could easily be accomplished if Al Gore would just shut his mouth. The Democrat solution to this crisis is, of course, to tax the United States. Our country should pay dearly for our inconsiderate polluting of the world. And we should make the check out to the United Nations. We know our money will be well spent.
In pondering the Democrats and their propensity for creating fake crises, there is no doubt about who should be their presidential nominee: Senator Barack Obama. Who better to create and propagate a culture of fake crises than the best fake candidate in history? Obama has only been a Senator for two years, he has no substance or plan to address any policy issue, but he cares more than even former President Bill Clinton – and that’s saying a lot. No hungry children, peace on earth, and free health care for everyone…who can argue with that? Barack will give us the details on how he will accomplish all of that later. Meanwhile, he has to figure out how he can appear to support our troops while de-funding the war. And he has some hearings to attend.


jack said...

I could not agree more!!!!


Anonymous said...

What's new. The same old stuff.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone vote for the Dems? They are devoid of ideas and just want to see America fail.