Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sorry, Charlie!

It was a simply a mistake, said Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as she was confronted regarding the curious omission of the U.S. territory American Samoa in the new minimum wage hike legislation. Never mind that all of the other U.S. territories were included in the bill. Never mind that StarKist employs 75% of the residents of American Samoa. Oh, and it’s sheer coincidence that the owner of StarKist, Del Monte Foods, Inc., just happens to be in Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district. Sorry, Nancy, but we aren’t falling for that one hook, line, or sinker.
Democrats, who are fond of accusing Republicans of being in the pocket of big corporations, should be ashamed. Americans, who are tired of scandal and corruption and politics as usual, should be outraged. And Pelosi, who pulled this stunt in her first week as Speaker, should apologize to the hard-working people of American Samoa.
Speaker Pelosi has looked into the cameras and denied, with a straight face, that this legislation was purposely written to exempt American Samoa. Charlie, the iconic cartoon tuna in the ‘60s StarKist commercials, was known for saying that he had “good taste.” Unfortunately, this type of behavior from the Speaker of the House does not leave a good taste in the mouths of voters.

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Anonymous said...

Double standard! Democrats can get away with murder.