Thursday, January 25, 2007

Reagan and Bush Got it Right: It's Good vs. Evil

When President Ronald Reagan first decided to use the word “evil” to describe the Soviet Union in a speech to the British Parliament, squeamish advisors edited it out. The word evil, after all, is inflammatory. It might offend someone. Heaven forbid. But precisely because Reagan had the wisdom to call a spade a spade, he persisted in communicating to the world what he knew to be true, that mankind is engaged in a battle of good versus evil. He was not named the “Great Communicator” for nothing. Reagan will long be remembered for what has been dubbed the “evil empire” speech. And because of his clear-eyed vision of peace through strength, he toppled the Soviet communist empire.
President George W. Bush also used the term evil in the wake of the terrorist attack of 9/11 when he said, “We will rid the world of evil-doers.” Liberals have lampooned him ever since. Bush subsequently described Iraq, Iran, and North Korea as the “axis of evil” in his State of the Union Speech in January of 2002. In looking at those three nations over the past five years, I would say that the President was right on target.
Liberals, on the other hand, tend to think that there is no such thing as evil. They firmly believe in peace through weakness. To them, everything can be diplomatically addressed through negotiation. If we would just communicate, they promise, Kim Jong-il will be our friend. The Democrats actually believe that the United Nations is effective. Liberals, unfortunately, truly believe that men are inherently good. That misguided premise could prove to be catastrophic for our country.
To understand the true nature of men, you must go back to the Garden of Eden. Originally, Adam and Eve were innocent. After eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, innocence was gone. In the book of Genesis, we are told that God sent the flood which wiped out most of mankind because, “The Lord saw how great man's wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time.”(Genesis 6:5) Sound familiar? There we have that word “evil” again.
Now liberals will no doubt counter my argument by pointing out that, in their opinion, the Bible is simply a work of fiction. To them, it is an interesting myth with no basis in fact. For those skeptics, I would like to recommend the fascinating book by Josh McDowell, Evidence that Demands a Verdict. McDowell set out to prove that the Bible is false. In the process he discovered just the opposite. According to McDowell, the volume of historical evidence which proves that the Bible is true is so overwhelming that it is amazing, or should I say supernatural.
History establishes that men have always had to fight the war against evil. World War II exemplifies the struggle. Adolph Hitler personified evil. The United States was reluctant to get involved, until our hand was forced.
In the war on terror, we were a little slow on the uptake. Our embassies were bombed, the USS Cole was blown up, the World Trade Center was targeted, but not until our homeland was hit with a coordinated, simultaneous, brutal assault in multiple locations did we understand the extent of the evil forces which were intent on our destruction. That was a wakeup call. And I am fearful that Americans are forgetting.
Those enemy forces have not gone away. At this point in our history, they may never go away. And because of the possession of nuclear weapons by terrorist-supporting countries, the stakes are now astronomical. No amount of negotiation by liberals or Hollywood actors or United Nations diplomats is going to stop the threat. The problem is not really “solvable,” as Nancy Pelosi would have us believe. Our country and our way of life are now permanently in the crosshairs of radical terrorists whose sole objective is to destroy us. Our troops in Iraq are not sacrificing in vain. If they come home prematurely, our enemies will gather more strength, more resources, and more weapons.
President Reagan had it right. And thank the Lord that we now have another President who understands what is at stake. Following the next presidential election we may not be so blessed. In the meantime, we need to pray for our President and our country. Our very way of life hangs in the balance. We are truly in a struggle of good versus evil.


Anonymous said...

Who will be the next Reagan? I hope the mold wasn't broken.

Tim said...

So-called "conservatives" and their boogeyman "enemy" -- the "liberals" -- are by and large all statists and socialists.

With so-called "conservatives" dominating the White House and both houses of Congress for the past several years, one might have expected fiscal restraint, limited government, freer markets, and increased liberty.

The talk is still different, but the walk has become essentially the same. And the walk is what really matters.

So-called "conservatives" who keep bashing "liberals" are just doing their part to maintain the illusion of a left-right dichotomy in American politics, when statist despotism is the hallmark of the whole lot.

And that's why I've stopped voting for either of them.

Anonymous said...

Reagan, Bush I and Bush II, the REAL axis of evil