Thursday, January 25, 2007

No Matter How She Tries, Hillary is No Bill

Hillary began her presidential campaign last week by announcing that she wants to “chat” with voters. The Smartest Woman in the World wants to hear your ideas? Yeah, right.
This “chatting” tour comes on the heels of the “listening” tour from her 2000 senate campaign. Can you see a pattern developing? Hillary is one of us. She wants our input. It is touching. Soon she will be wearing pink suits again.
The problem with this whole strategy lies in the fact that no one actually believes that Hillary is a touchy-feely, empathetic candidate. On the contrary, the Hillary Clinton that Americans know (and either love or hate) is a calculating, ruthless, scheming politician bent on dominating the world, or at least Washington, D.C. She has persevered through her husband’s indiscretions, patiently waiting for her turn. She has tasted what it’s like to live in the White House. She was co-President with Bill (remember Hillary healthcare?). And now it’s her turn. And she wants to chat?
She did learn from the best. Bill Clinton could talk to anyone and make them think that he was sincerely interested in their opinion. When I met President Clinton during his deposition in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case, he was impressive in his ability to connect with people. He asked questions and seemed genuinely interested in my responses. This occurred in an attorney’s office as he was being sued and deposed. Most people would be a little preoccupied, but Bill Clinton is a world-class schmoozer. It is a gift. Hillary does not have it.
If anything, Hillary is a little scary. Rumors of her throwing and breaking things in the White House are legendary. When she forces a smile, it seems to take a lot of effort. Bill Clinton could summon a smile or a tear on cue. Even if it was not sincere, he could act. There were times when Bill Clinton gave Oscar-worthy performances. Maybe some of those Hollywood liberals should volunteer to give Hillary some method acting lessons.
Hillary should record another message for her web site. This time she should just come clean and tell the truth. Something along the lines of, “Of course I am the best choice for President of the United States. I have planned for this my entire life. I am the Smartest Woman in the World. You would be a fool not to vote for me. I have put up with Bill all these years, and now it’s payback time.” Now that would be sincere.


Anonymous said...

"I'm in to win", claims Hillary.

No, she's in to spin and she's into spin...

Anonymous said...

Stop her! Wasn't eight years of Bill enough!