Thursday, January 25, 2007

At Texas Universities, Crime Does Pay

Today, as I watched Fox News, I was pleasantly surprised to see our own Texas State Representative, Debbie Riddle from Houston, being interviewed. It is always good for our conservative officeholders to get some national press coverage. What, pray tell, was the subject of the interview? You guessed it: illegal aliens.
Representative Riddle is backing legislation that would require illegal alien students to pay out-of-state tuition rates. Evidently, they have been getting the lower in-state tuition rates. Never mind that they are illegal. Forget the fact that they have broken the law to be here. If they prove that they have successfully evaded legal authorities for at least two years, they are eligible for low in-state tuition rates.
It seems that a foreign student who attends the University of Texas is upset. Prior to his acceptance into UT, this student followed the rules, jumped through all the required hoops, and endured background checks. Nevertheless, he is required to pay out-of-state tuition rates, and he has other restrictions regarding work privileges, etc. For students who are not residents of Texas, tuition can be as much as three times as expensive as it is for Texas students. This foreign student believes that granting special privileges to illegal residents is unfair. Representative Riddle agrees.
Also, if you are a legal citizen of the United States, but you are from another state besides Texas, you will pay up to three times the cost for tuition that an illegal alien student pays.
I’m not one to encourage lawsuits, but isn’t there a lawyer out there somewhere who could make quite a case that American students are being penalized while illegal students are being granted special status? If I were on that jury, I can tell you, it would be a slam-dunk verdict for the Plaintiffs.
As a legal resident of Texas, I am appalled that we are rewarding those who break the law and punishing those who follow the rules. What kind of lesson are we teaching our college students? Crime should not pay.


Huevo said...

love the new blog

Anonymous said...

This is outrageous. The illegal alien problem just keeps getting worse.

LOKNLOAD said...

Great blog. Glad to see you developing this. You have a special, enhanced point of view as a member of the RNC. Keep up the good work, Denise. The illegal alien tuiion issue is another example of Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass insanity, with reverse logic standing on its head. Where are the Red Queen and the Mad Hatter? Well, they are disguised as lawmakers backing this taxpayer-ripoff evil.

Anonymous said...

Outrageous is an understatement. I, a native born and bred American, found that I would not be paid for working for the elections office because I only had a driver's license, passport, social security number(not the card), and a copy of my 401K statement with my SS# on it. This wasn't proof enough of my legal status. However, one can walk into a polling place to vote and just show a copy of a utility bill for ID. Reverse logic as only the libs could or would conjure up to ram down our throats. I'm so disgusted with our Republican legislators for their massive loss of spine on this issue. It must be contagious within the ranks!!

Dee Dee said...

Illegal aliens should be treated as the criminals they are. Round them up and send them back. If they want to come here they should apply and wait like my ancestors did. We don't need new laws to secure our borders, we need to inforce laws already in place.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Houston resident and live in fear of becoming a racist! I am so tired of the illegal alien situation. They are everywhere - grocery stores, on sidewalks pushing their purloined grocery carts full of bags and children, in LIBRARIES (don't they have to fill out forms? I know I did, and have to update information every few years.)If I can see these people, why can't authorities? Why won't they do anything? I'm tired of reading instructions in Spanish and I'm tired of having to "press 1, for English". We are making life too easy for them over here, of course they want to stay. We're catering to them in our schools, in our stores, on our radios and televisions. Enough.